Join the townhall discussion about ".gay", a new top level domain for the LGBTQIA+ community. To be held at the KZNSA on 16 July, all welcome.

  • 16 July 2013
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The new .GAY domain:  Are you ready?

 In 2009 the dotgay LLC team introduced the prospect of a new gTLD for the exclusive use of the global gay community (LGBTQIA+). With a transparent and cohesive approach, under an umbrella using the word GAY, all members of the community would have a place to gather and share resources online.

 Communication and collaboration with many of the largest and smallest organizations in the LGBTQIA+ community began immediately and continue today. During the past few years, many key issues concerning the community were discussed and examined, and steps forward were taken to engage in ICANN’s new gTLD program. The focus of the discussions centered on ensuring the .gay TLD was introduced to protect against abuses and provide for the community.

 dotgay LLC’s proposed hybrid non-profit/for-profit business plan for .gay would see 67% of the profits from domain name registrations be redistributed back to the community through a not-for profit foundation. In the long term, dotgay LLC will focus on developing .gay as a means to support the community versus just selling domain names.  

 With resounding support from some of the largest LGBT organizations in the world including 9 of the UN accredited LGBT organizations already in place, we aim to advance .gay into final approval by ICANN this year. The mission of the community-based .gay application by dotgay LLC’s is to address the needs of the Gay Community in areas of Safety, Visibility and Support.

 Join our townhall discussion about .GAY

Tuesday, July 16


topics include:
New Opportunities .gay will Create for the Community
Protecting your Names & Trademarks on .GAY
Community Funding Initiatives
Tips for Navigating the Explosion of 1,400+ New Domains

Featured speaker:
Scott Seitz, CEO & Co-Founder of dotgay LLC

This is a FREE EVENT and designed for NGO leaders, administrators, business owners, community activists and LGBTQIA+ community members

Refreshments provided

Please RSVP:

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