Don't miss this great local film being screened in the Arts Cafe courtyard. Free entry with bar and food service by the Arts Cafe.

  • 29 August 2013
  • Screenings & Film Festivals


Jeppe on a Friday. Shannon Walsh & Arya Lalloo, South Africa/Canada. 2012. 87min.

The film's producer Elias Ribeiro will attend the screening for a Q&A session after the movie.

Part travelogue, part urban this film offers a curious record of life in urban Jozi that de-mystifies the oft-maligned metropolis. Shot over the course of a single day and along the length and breadth of Jeppe, we meet 5 charming characters.

Familial love is behind Congolese restaurateur Arouna’s success, nostalgia binds Ravi to his dusty framing shop that has been in his family for over 3 decades, ambition drives JJ’s ruthless property development, tradition is at the heart of acapella singer Robert’s all male Zulu choir, and everyday philosophy gives urban recycler Vusi his momentum. In one day these characters reveal the city’s textures and breathe life into the decayed inner city neighbourhood.



KZNSA Gallery, Arts Café courtyard, on the evening of Thursday 29 August, at 6.30pm. No charge, all welcome. Arts Café will be open for bar and food service. Regret, no BYO.

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