Meet and greet Sthe Masinga (photographer) and Omi Sibiya (project manager) of Cool Out Vintage.

  • 04 June 2014
  • General



This Thurday Sthe and Omi will give you their perspective on street culture in Durban through a sample of the vibes at Cool Out Vintage.

Cool Out Vintage is a monthly event that happens on the last Sunday of every month at Ciao Bella in Mahatma Ghandi Road (Point Road). This is event is aimed to provide a space for open minded thinkers and creatives. Here you share ideas and network whilst jamming to Funk jazz, Old School R&B and nibbling freshly made Durban cuisine. You can also check out the pop up stalls and find Durban made fashion and thrift shops.

Drafts and food will be on sale 'Cool Out Vintage' style! aweh! Come make the hour before the performance a happy one with Sundowners.

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