Join us on Tuesday evening for the opening of four distinctive new exhibitions at the KZNSA Gallery.

  • 14 July 2014
  • Exhibition Opening



In the Main Gallery, 'Interpreting Ceramics' is an exhibition by members of the KZN Ceramic Association. Rayson Hiyani, Ann Shultz and Rita Senekal are invited guest artists and Fellows of the Association Garth Hoets, Lindsay Scott and Andrew Walford will also have work on view; ceramics of striking form from the expressive to the functional will be on display.

In the Park Gallery, ‘FACE IT!', an exhibition by the Garret Artists showcases the portrait in a range of drawing media and with a variety of approaches, reflecting the human condition in all its diverse facets, from joy and humour to sorrow and anger.

In the Mezzanine, ‘Retroactive’ is an urban art intervention and group exhibition by Joseph Manana, Thami Jali and Lalelani Mbhele in collaboration with the KZNSA Durban Centre for Photography and the Community Murals Projects Trust. The ‘Retroactive’ project has painted 100 circular concrete pavement storm water drain covers around the streets of central Durban; the exhibition will present original acrylic on board art works by Thami Jali, Joseph Manana and Lalelani Mbhele, as well as the research charcoal, graphite and chalk pastel drawings and photographs of the street art sites commissioned from photographers based at the KZNSA Durban Centre for Photography.

On the Arts Cafe wall will be a display of film posters building up to the 35th Durban International Film Festival for which the KZNSA will be the Short Film hub from July 23-26 2014. DIFF manager Peter Machen will speak at the opening, and signed posters will be available for purchase.
'Retroactive' is a project of the KZNSA’s Social Art 2014/15 Programme, supported by the National Lotteries Distribution Trust Fund. As part of the parallel cultural programme of the 25th World Congress on Architecture, UIA2014 Durban.

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