Join the KZNSA Gallery for the opening of three new exhibitions on 26 August at 6pm.

  • 25 August 2014




An exhibition by Joan Martin and Lara Mellon

“Enter our forest and look under the canopy into the darkness and find dreamers that live beneath; instead of longing for the light they create their own and play out the stories of their lives. Connecting, purposely disconnecting and managing to discover treasures in the decaying underworld they inhabit. Understory refers to what grows under the canopy of large trees in a forest, but in this exhibition it is the urban forest of Durban that is being explored.“
Join us at the KZNSA on Tuesday for the opening of Understory, a collaborative exhibition by Joan Martin and Lara Mellon. The exhibition will be opened by Jenny Stretton, senior curator of the Durban Art Gallery. The artists invite you to share a complimentary sherry with them and explore their own and shared experience of understory, through a combination of oil painting and assemblages using found objects and untraditional materials.
Sat 30th August 11:00 – Walkabout by Melanie Wilson, Visual Arts Educator/Workshop Facilitator/Owner of 'Drawn to Walls' (hand-painted wall design/wallpaper/murals)/Artist.
Sat 6th September 11:00 -  Walkabout from a psychological perspective with Estelle Hudson, Narrative and Family Therapist
Sat 13th September 11:00 - Walkabout from an artist perspective with Anna de Vlieg, artist and art teacher (The Art of Conversation through Collaboration)



THE SOUTH AFRICAN ART, CULTURE, ECONOMY & TOURISM - An exhibition by Vusumuzi Derrick Nxumalo




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