The KZNSA will be opening three new exhibitions on Tuesday 28th of October 2014.

  • 27 October 2014
  • Exhibition Opening


Main & Mezzanine Galleries: Hortus Conclusis Brunsfelsia: Siobhan O'Reagain
Park Gallery: Discovering Home:  Jetteke de Vries
Cafe Stairs: Messages for Mandela: Clint Strydom
Join the KZNSA on Tuesday 28 October for the opening of three new exhibitions: In the main and mezzanine galleries Durban artist Siobhan O'Reagain presents her exhibition Hortus Conclusis Brunsefelsia. This consists of an installation of beautiful and delicate porcelain works and drawings that reflect her personal interpretation of the garden, using both fine art and botanical approaches.

Jetteke de Vries's Discovering Home, explores the concept of home and what it means to belong.  The artist takes us on a journey of identity and belonging which is captured in the lives and narratives of three generations of female protagonists. 

Thanda, a Durban-based non-profit organisation that provides support & education for children in rural KZN through after-school programmes has collaborated with local photographer Clint Strydom to present Messages to Mandela.  Thanda students were asked to write letters to Mandela which have been brought to life by Clint Strydom's photographs of the children themselves.  The project not only portrays a hopeful and  smiling South Africa but also has allowed these children to express their heartfelt affection and deep gratitude for the man they call "Tata Mandela".

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