All are welcome to a wonderful live performance by The Floating Outfit Project at KZNSA Gallery on Friday 16 March 2018 for 19h00. Doors will be open from 17h00 to enjoy a bite and refreshment beforehand. Read more about the performances here.

  • 15 March 2018
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All are welcome to a wonderful live performance by The Floating Outfit Project at KZNSA Gallery on Friday 16 March 2018 for 19h00. Doors will be open from 17h00 to enjoy a bite and refreshment beforehand. 

Entrance fee R50. Limited space. Reserve place by emailing: with FULL NAMES for each ticket.

The Floating Outfit Project, as part of their ongoing mentoring program for young artists under the leadership of Desire Davids, presents an evening of 3 works with the focus on young female voices in the field of contemporary performance. These public performances have been planned in order to create additional platforms for the choreographers to research, experiment and showcase their latest ideas, including various collaborations. Audience members are encouraged to chat & give feedback to artists afterwards in the bar / café area. 

Works being performed: 

“Clothes maketh (wo)man”:
Choreographed by Tegan Peacock with the assistance of members from ReRouted Dance Theatre. Fashion versus Gender. Is fashion truly a means of self expression or is it just a shield, constricting our physical bodies and ultimately our true selves into certain parameters of acceptability.
Performers: Tegan Peacock, Ashleigh Joubert, JC Zondi

“Ubani ontshontshe inyongo? / Who stole the gallbladder?”:
With choreography and text by  Gcina Shange (Dancing Heads) this work challenges, questions and comments on the state of society in current times. 
Is it possible to be submissive to a pain that you will never feel? 
“my father's words are in the name of his children,
while they are walking history...followers of unknown ideas...pushed into a box...
Being free is to be naked alone...”
Performers: Shelby Strange, Tshediso Kabula
Filming/Video/Photo: Gav Letsoalo

“It’s like a Second Skin” : 
Choreographed and performed by Lorin Sookool, the blurred behavioral boundary of our digital-online and private-offline selves, becomes the site of this new work. ”It's like a Second Skin” contains a series of images curated and captured by Durban based photographic artist Jerome Stoffels Photography as well as original lyrics by the unapologetic female rapper LEX LAFOY.

*Supported by the NAC and in partnership with the KZNSA & Tatham Art Gallery

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