Join us for an important conversation about womxn in South African society and hear from Durban creatives as they share their experiences at #TheTotalShutdown at 16h00 on Thursday 1 November 2018. *Content warning: Discussion of rape and sexual assault*

  • 31 October 2018
  • General, KZNSA, Live Music, First Thursday

The KZNSA Gallery invites you to join prominent Durban creatives as they share their experiences at #TheTotalShutdown Womxn’s March that took place in August this year. The discussion will pick up on pertinent conversations highlighted by the march, examining gender issues prevalent in global and South African society. Come and hear how some of these issues are addressed by these creatives in their practice, and join in the conversation about what #TheTotalShutdown was – or IS – for you.

Content warning: Discussion of rape and sexual assault


Fotobooth Durban

Fotobooth is a portrait photography project initiated by some like -minded fotographers from Durban - #aportraitproject. Their intention is to document and build up an archive of diverse faces of Durban, especially creatives, in a positive and empowering light. Their portraits are made in a street-style pop up studio setting at different events in and around Durban. 


Robyn Perros

Robyn Perros is a writer and multimedia artist from Howick, KwaZulu-Natal. With tertiary training in Journalism & Media Studies from Rhodes University, and a background in the magazine and online media industry, Robyn soon discovered a discomfort with the lack of depth in traditional journalism practices. She has since been exploring alternative methods of storytelling through a process of unlearning and experimentation. She is currently interested in urban sociology, gender and public space, the role of image-making today, mental health and the effects of continual navigation between digital and physical space.


How do we live in the liminal? In this multimedia presentation Robyn presents her ongoing, undefined social experiment of @herr_1234 through the following themes: The role of the camera in gender performance, walking the streets: hyper-solitude and an experience of the white urban woman's body in post-colonial South African cities, digital identity and representations of the "second-self".


Leah Jasmine

Leah Jasmine is a radio persona, stand-up comedian and feminist. She uses her serious sense of humour to try and make the world more conscious of feminist issues. Laughing matters take the back seat in this talk, presenting sensitive data she collected in 2017 when the #MeToo movement broke, and how it informed her vocal protest during the Women's March in August. 

Gcina Shange

Bev Gozeski

All are welcome, entry is free. Stay around for live music and discussions for Glenwood First Thursday November.

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