• 14 November 2019
  • General, KZNSA

Email us about your work to be included in Durban’s biggest local-only Christmas Fair. There is no cost to participate.

We’re looking for locally designed and made homeware, soft furnishings, fashion, jewelry, Christmas décor, plants, art, photography, ceramics, books and publications, kids toys, games and decor, stationery, cosmetics, and confectionary.

The theme this year is BEING GREEN

As calls for climate change grow louder and young people all over the world speak out about environmental catastrophe, we find ways to live greener and consume responsibly.

Recycled, up-cycled, reworked, previously loved goods,
Homegrown, indigenous, organic and carbon-friendly,
Buying local to support independent designers and makers,
Reducing the carbon footprint of our stuff,
Cutting down on packaging and single-use plastic.

BUZZART19 runs from 14 November 2019 to 12 January 2020
Deliveries Wednesday 6 – Friday 8 November
Opening night Thursday 14 November 2019

For enquiries, and to send images of your work, email or WhatsApp Angela Shaw ashaw@kznsagallery.co.za  |  083 384 3660

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