• 02 May 2020


KZNSA is a non-profit art gallery in Durban, South Africa. We have a craft shop that supports over 200 local crafters and independent makers by selling their

product and working on product design with them. We also have a café that provides employment for 17 people and generates income for the organisation.



The income from the craft shop and café is just enough to keep our doors open and we rely on private donations and state funding to host exhibitions focusing on up-and-coming local artists that need assistance launching their careers assistance launching their careers.

With the exhibitions we also provide free education programmes, including school visits and online learning resources where students can participate in workshops.

Donations and funding is scarce at the best of times. Since the country has been in lockdown we have not been able to trade and cannot generate turnover to pay overheads to keep our organisation running. We are asking for your much needed help in order to keep our wonderful staff employed and our doors open through this crisis so we are able to support local artists and crafters again, as well re-open our Café serving amazing food and awesome coffee.

With your help we can cover our overheads and create an online shop to support our beloved local artists and crafters by selling their product during lockdown. Your support, however small, will help us immensely. 

Be safe, and strength to all of you during this relentless pandemic. May we all rise up stronger and thrive once again.

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Gallery   Tues–Fri 09.00-17.00 | Sat 09.00-16.00 | Sun 09.00-15.00

Café   Tues - Fri 08.00-17.00 | Sat 08.00-16.00 | Sun 09.00-15.00

Shop   Tues–Fri 09.00-17.00 | Sat 09.00-16.00 | Sun 09.00-15.00