• 15 August 2020
  • Workshop

Join exhibiting artist Jess Bothma this weekend, Sat & Sun at 14h00, for a two-part online workshop: Using poetry as a tool - the creative process of making and reflecting. The sessions are free on zoom.



Session 1 details:

About Bothma's making process. How and why poetry. How to begin - the idea or artwork. Making the idea/artwork into a poem. Tools like texture, lyricism, rhythm, synonyms, the absurd. Attendees will be invited to write a poem or reflect through a poem.



Session 2 details:

Using the new poem and linking it to an object/s or drawing or personal experience. Discussions. Identifying how that poem expands and records a concept for the potential artwork. Or how the poem becomes a tool that expands and reflects or gives another dimension to the artwork.

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