• 17 August 2021
  • Exhibition Opening

Join us for the exhibition opening of Terra Fragmented by Nindiya Bucktowar

Terra Fragmented -  an immersive three dimensional clay installation. The work aims to inspire and stimulate the viewer to re-investigate one's relationship with the landscapes we occupy. The tangible tactile visceral forms and textures draw the viewers in, immersing one within the space. 

Inspired by natural and urban landscapes, Nindya Bucktowar, works with clay to investigate the fragments of these ever morphing ecosystems. Her sculptural works bring together familiar and unfamiliar elements of our physical world, inspiring conversations about our relationship with the landscapes we inhabit. 

Bucktowar explains: 

‘the human spirit inhabits ever changing landscapes; the planet earth, the city and the body. They are fragments of energy and matter; pulsating, breathing, morphing, moving.’ The topographical clay series is inspired by our natural and urban landscapes and informed by her cumulative experience in art, science and architecture. In this body of work Bucktowar immerses herself in the exploration and possibilities of clay as medium. Working with the push and the pull and finding new ways to appreciate chance. 

The clay works are suspended and form a landscape, drawing the viewer in, creating a sense of place, nostalgia and curiosity. 

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