• 17 September 2022
  • General, Research, KZNSA

Please join us on Saturday, 17 September at 11h00 for a walkabout of Transience, a group exhibition with Selloane Moeti, Karla Nixon, Jessica Bothma and Siobahn Doughty. Entry is free and all are welcome!

The walkabout will be lead by KZNSA curator Sumayya Menezes and the artists will be in attendance to share their insights.

The exhibition is a physical realisation of a virtual presentation by KZNSA on Latitudes Online, and includes paintings and sculptural installations threaded together with drawings to form a richly textured and tactile whole.

The works resonate with a solidarity and shared ownership of femininity in a South African context. Each of the four artists, using a visual language unique to their practice, probes notions of identity, gender and power with an inherent awareness of the complex vulnerabilities that are an inextricable part of such an investigation.

Piecing together transient processes and practices, the body of works presented invite the viewer to share an intimate moment of vulnerability and engagement with the artists within the inner sanctum of their private world.

Sister I Would Die For You (detail)
Installation, embroidery yarn on organza
155 x 150 cm

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