• 22 October 2022
  • General, Research, KZNSA, Workshop

Cartooning madness, absurdity and the black female academic behind the scenes:
Reflecting on art and creativity as a form of resistance across racial and gender differences 


Transformation, diversity, intersectionality, and gender-equity seem to have become buzzwords in academia. But, how can those who go through different life-experiences voice the realities of their lives and works, and be heard? How do we make room for practices that are invested in the work of voicing dissent across differences? And, in echoing decolonial feminist scholar Chandra Talpade Mohanti, what makes a non-colonized dialogue possible? 

Join us for a conversation with Dr Ingrid Bamberg, Dr Siphiwe Motloung, Dr Duduzile Mzindle, and Ms Nokuthula Magudulela, who will be joined by Berlin-based writer and educator Dr Federica Bueti, who has shared interest in art and decolonial feminist practices and forms of organizing. Come and join us for an informal gathering:

- To address and discuss collectively the challenges of decolonizing academia within the existing realities of academic life. 
- To listen and learn from the experience of a group of black female academics who have created a platform to voice their dissent through cartooning and artistic means.  
- To play with and reflect on the use of satire, humour, laughter and collaborative curation as a tool to address the madness and absurdity of the realities of working in the academia and publishing industry. 
- To discuss how cartooning can be used to produce knowledge in academic research
- To explore the possibilities of a non-colonized dialogue around education across differences
- To share, converse, disagree, and laugh together! 

Entry is free and all are welcome. For more information, please contact gallery@kznsagallery.co.za.

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