• 01 September 2022 - 18 September 2022
  • Main Gallery, Mezzanine Gallery

This exhibition is dedicated to the life and art of the late Marianne Meijer, (1935 - 2020).  A large selection of paintings from her studio collection will explore her range and versatility over the years. This will include a body of artworks first exhibited at the Durban Art Gallery - 'Rembrandt - A love affair'.  In her later work Marianne turned to pure abstraction and this exciting series is being exhibited for the first time. Marianne painted this series when she was 84 shortly before her passing.

"Her works have a confidence, a clarity of focus, and a vision that is hewn from a lifetime of dedicated art making. The paintings are as simple or as complicated as the viewer makes them. Meijer's works are evocative rather than descriptive of a familiar subject. Her works give voice to a collective ethos we call life," said curator Bren Brophy.



Educated in Holland. Emigrated to South Africa in 1958.

Her involvement with the art community of Durban dates back nearly 40 years as an artist, as an active KZNSA council member, Friends of the DAG chair person, art columnist for The Mercury and The Daily News and assistant editor of DARTS Magazine.

There have been many group shows and she has staged eight solo exhibitions: one at the Market Gallery in Johannesburg, three at the KZNSA, also solo shows at the Grassroots Gallery, artSpacedurban, the Bonisa Gallery and the Durban Art Gallery. 

Proceeds from the exhibition will support the work of the KZNSA Gallery.

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