• 26 May 2023 - 28 May 2023

We are thrilled to announce KZNSA Gallery’s participation at the RMB Latitudes Art Fair, 26 - 28 May 2023, Johannesburg, Shepstone Gardens, featuring the works of three talented, young female artists, Nindya Bucktower, Selloane Moeti, and Alka Dass.

The art pieces featured in the fair are distinctive and enthralling as they are predominantly flat works that emphasize handmade texture and three-dimensional facets. The booth combines a fusion of clay and mixed media to create installations inspired by nature and cityscapes, which are introduced by Bucktowar's endearing sculptural elements. A poetic and evocative investigation of Dass' cyanotype portraits follows, providing a perspective based on her own experiences while acknowledging how race and gender affect the creative process. Moeti's incorporation of themes of cleansing, recovery from displacement, and her quest to discover and understand her lineage as a Mosotho woman are also depicted in the exhibition.

In addition to fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of diversity, this exhibition explores the identities of three multicultural women based in eThekwini. They each bring distinctive cultural identities that enrich the viewer's interaction with the exhibition.

Visitors will have the chance to enjoy a carefully curated contemporary art experience as they stroll through the gardens, take part in art displays, and go on walkabouts. Follow the link below to book your tickets: https://latitudesartfair.com/tickets

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