• 19 January 2024 - 04 February 2024
  • Main Gallery, Mezzanine Gallery

Bazobuya… they will come back

‘Bazobuya’ references the musical group, the ‘Soul Brothers’ 1990 song of the same title, echoing the lament of children, mothers, wives of husbands who have left home due to the migrant labour system in South Africa. It is a Zulu phrase which translates to ‘they will come back’ and is here used as an umbrella to speak to various issues concerning the socio-political navigations of black men in South Africa.

All five artists showcasing works in this exhibition are black males whose bodies of works focus foreground narratives from their marginalised communities. In each of the participants' projects they unpack stories from these communities which focus on gendered struggles and perspectives through various visual arts mediums.

‘Bazobuya’ fundamentally evolved from a private artist mentorship and support programme which culminated into an art exhibition and showcase as well as public talks and workshop programme.

Through the mentorship and access to artist studios of Lawrence Lemaoana and Mary Sibande, these five art projects by five emerging artists have been identified and nurtured.

This body of work was first exhibited by Occupying the Gallery at Gallery 1 in Keyes Art Mile Johannesburg as an outcome of the Occupying the Gallery project and is now travelling to KZNSA Gallery to new audiences in Durban. The motivation for having this exhibition travel is largely to connect the five artists and their thematic explorations to various communities across South Africa with overlapping lived experiences.


Lawrence Lemaoana


Bongani Ndlovu

Hoek Swaratlhe

Lusanda Ndita

Mlondi Magubane

Ngoma KaMphahlele


Made possible with funding from the NAC.

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