• 12 May 2011 - 28 May 2011

The Work of Crofton& Benjamin Architects: 1955 -1964

The focus of the exhibition will be on the work of Crofton and Benjamin Architects, who were prolific in 50's and 60's beachfront developments, and have designed many iconic Durban buildings. The surviving member, Issy Benjamin, now 85, is being flown out from the UK for this prestigious event, which will run congruently with the KZNIA Presidential Inauguration and Awards of service Ceremony. The architects will also be awarded an award of meritorious service from the KZNIA (Derek Crofton posthumously) .

The exhibition is being put together by some of Durban's most talented: Angela Shaw from Koop design is art directing, acclaimed international architectural photographer Dennis Guichard has photographed the buildings, and Leon Conradie, experienced architectural academic, is doing his Masters Research on the subject.

This exhibition and visit is really something quite unique that we are all very excited about.

All in all it promises to be a wonderful celebration of architecture, and one which will continue as the exhibition travels around South Africa to other regional institutes.

Crofton & Benjamin buildings
(those in bold are featured in the exhibition)

Ridge -
Hyde Park, Ridge Road;
Farringdon, Cato Road;
Hurlingham, Marriot Road;
Beachfront -
Las Vegas, Marine Parade, North Beach;
Tropicana Hotel, Marine Parade, South beach (significantly altered);
Groote Schuur, Marine Parade, Addington;
Silversands, Marine Parade, Addington;
Lancaster Gate, Marine Parade, Addington;
Harbour -
Riviera Hotel, Victoria Embankment;
Westpoint, Victoria Embankment (base altered);
Haven Court and offices, Victoria Embankment;
Other -
Salt Rock Hotel, North Coast;
Cutty Sark Hotel, Scottburgh;
Crescent Gardens, Pietermaritzburg


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