• 31 July 2012 - 19 August 2012
  • Mezzanine Gallery

Intellectual Property is an exhibition about creative partners collaborating to present something unique and inspirational. It is an opportunity for creatives in the broad "craft" sector to show the public that they can produce work that blurs the lines between functional and conceptual art. Things of beauty that serve a purpose, but also make a statement as pieces of art.


Umcebo Design, in the course of their daily work, collaborate and work with a wide variety of Durban creatives. The idea of this exhibition is for artists and crafters to work, collaborate and exhibit at a gallery level. Together we are stronger, and the work we can show becomes more interesting. In this way we can make work that shows that South Africans need to also consider the wealth of local skills and talent, when they decorate their homes, offices and public spaces. We have chosen as our key motif the image of a tree made by Wendy Chatterton of Ukhamba Craft in collaboration with Umcebo Design. This work represents the spirit and intention of our exhibition. It is about work made between organizations, in a spirit of creativity, sharing and mutual enjoyment. Please share in and enjoy the work of "Intellectual Property", which is a creative celebration of work from: Crushed Lemon, DUT Work Integrated Learning Fine Art Students, HIVAN (UKZN) and the Ubunye Crafters, Mandy Brockbank, Refugee Social Services, Umcebo Design; Wendy Chatterton and the Ukhamba Crafters and Woza Moya.

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