This installation presents the process which took place over 8 months in 2012 whereby the corridor of pedestrian movement was mapped, unearthing hidden narratives.

  • 22 April 2013 - 11 May 2013
  • Main Gallery


‘Pedestrians botanise the asphalt’ - Walter Benjamin….’for only he who walks the road on foot learns the power it commands’ – Charles Baudelaire

doung Anwar Jahangeer co-founded dala, an interdisciplinary creative collective that believes in the transformative role of creativity in building safer and more livable cities. interface2012-14 engaged the challenges of urbanisation through creative interventions. This installation at KZNSA will present the process which took place over 8 months in 2012. The presentation of this artistic research took place at Mojos Car wash in Umkhumbane (Cato Manor).

Five artists equipped with iphones embarked in an intensive process of unearthing and mapping of hidden narratives along an existing unrecognised corridor of pedestrian movement from Umkhumbane (Cato Manor) and Warwick Junction (Durban inner-city). interface2012-14 will include the resultant footage and showcase interventions.

Jahangeer states, ‘Ephemeral and intangible urban narratives are too often ignored in the process of space making. These types of narratives provides counter-foil to the disciplining, rational use of space defined by planners, architects, engineers and owners of capital. In partnership with the local Cato Manor artist’s association, dala conceptualised a platform to explore the possibility for a specific local community (the CityWalkers) to exercise of their freedom, to become the inspiration and guide for development in the city a meaningful and humanising manner. Organically people traverse the city in an uncontrolled, irregular fashion, bringing spatial narratives into being.’

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