KZNIA’s publiCITY is in honour of the inauguration of the new KZNIA President, Kevin Bingham, who will officially be inducted on Thursday 16 May 2013.

  • 15 May 2013 - 19 May 2013

The incoming President of KZNIA invited participation of all KZNIA Members to submit one project which is of particular significance to the Member and/or their Practice. Projects on display will be in drawing or model format and is not limited to architecture. It can also include meaningful collector’s pieces or architectural photography.
The exhibition aims to increase public awareness of the architectural profession, especially in light of UIA 2014, hosted by the City of Durban, next year. South African Institute of Architects (SAIA) won the bid to host the ‘olympics of architecture’ in Durban in August 2014.  The International Union of Architects has a membership of 1.3 million architects globally and holds the largest architectural congress tri-annually.  The theme for the Durban event is ‘architecture otherwhere’.

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The exhibition will run concurrently with an ARCHIVE Global Exhibition. ARCHIVE Global is an international non-profit using housing/environmental design to combat disease among the most disadvantaged. Peter Williams – Founder/Executive Director of Archive Global will be the guest speaker at the KZNIA Presidential Inauguration. The exhibition, titled,  Kay e Sante nan Ayiti, focusses on the work ARCHIVE Global has done in Haiti.
The exhibition as well as the Inaugural event is proudly sponsored by Corobrik. The company has had a longstanding relationship with the Architectural Profession and sponsors a number of key events on the architectural calendar.

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