Sicelo Ziqubu returns to the KZNSA as part of a three leg solo national tour, supported by the National Arts Council of South Africa.

  • 20 April 2015 - 09 May 2015
  • Media Gallery

About the Exhibition

The idea behind the title is the fact that the artworks that are part of the travelling show are brightly coloured. Both sculptural (3 dimensional) and 2 dimensional works like drawings, paintings and wall hangings are colourful, conveying the message of hope to the viewer that the future can be bright for all. This could be a reality if every one of us plays our own part by reducing the causes and effects of climate change and global warming, and embarking on our 3R strategy that is:

"Reduce, Recycle and Reuse"

The Works

The 2 dimensional works that are part of the travelling show are finished with handmade frames incorporated from waste paper, plastic and wood. The sculptures on show are also constructed from such found waste materials. Some of the sculptures are not only decorative but functional as well. Amongst these one may find light stands (operated with batteries) with various insect themes. There are also dressing tables with stools, and thrones that one may sit on. Beside being decorative and functional, all the works are narrative and educational. 


This travelling exhibition aims to motivate those who see it to view a brighter future by joining in the 3R strategy and supporting Sicelo and his family's Colourful Endeavors against Global Warming.

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