Art video exhibition by the youth generation of French artists

  • 08 June 2015 - 15 June 2015
  • Media Gallery

Alliance Française de Durban, together with KZNSA Gallery will be hosting a video-art exhibition entitled, The Poetry of Bodies/Poésie des Corps. French visual artist, Delphine Colin, will present a series of video installations and photographs created by a new wave of French artists, at the KZNSA Gallery from Tuesday, 9 June until Tuesday, 16 June.


There are fourteen artists from France and Francophone countries like Switzerland, Reunion Island and Lebanon. They develop their own filmic language and manipulate digital images to create a new reality. In all these videos, the artists question the body: the female body, stereotypes of beauty, public persona, individual and collective identity in today’s society. A real journey into the intimacy of bodies - strange, unsual, surprising.


(video capture of Réflexions by Pascale Ciapp)


The exhibitions unique collection of video introduces two screens, each composed of a set of videos with a particular focus. The first part entitled “Women” concentrates on the portraits of women, in which the female or male artists approaches the woman’s dimensions - her physical appearance, her intimacy, her memory, her psychology. This passage is further explored from one emotional state to another; from reality to a dream state or nightmare. Ultimately, a new and more complicated vision of the woman is created. The second screen entitled “Society”, deals with society: men, women, children, and people in the street. The videos represent the process of construction and deconstruction of an identity and an environment. As individuals disappear into the collective of a public space, human attitudes are questioned through poetry, humour or critique.


Two installations complete the exhibition: the sculpture-performance CLOCS (Anaïs Lelièvre) realized in three different places in Paris, and projected on three screens, including Laurent Fiévet’s installation.


In the Park Gallery space, one can also discover a series of digital photographs created by Delphine Colin. When the body’s boundaries become indefinite, the new language that surfaces is that of the imagination and poetry.


For more information about Poetry of Bodies / Poesies des corps, contact:

Carole Durand, Culture & Communication coordinator at Alliance Française de Durban on or on 031-312 9582.

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