A project of eThekwini Parks, Recreation and Culture, realized by Durban Centre for Photography photographers on behalf of the KZNSA

  • 29 March 2016 - 16 April 2016
  • Main Gallery, Media Gallery, Mezzanine Gallery

Where is Durban, today? Who is Durban, today?

The Ngale project has grown out of the Durban Centre for Photography’s (DCP) interaction with dynamic, contemporary African urbanity.


The concept of ‘Ngale’ explores aesthetic possibilities of seeing beyond; the ordinary, the unobserved - questioning realities and catalyzing a new understanding of Durban, shifting outmoded perceptions, an interrogation, a search of what could be.


This visual consciousness, in tandem with progressive movements, finds a vision and perspective of the African continent that erodes previous debilitating images. Here, the photographer and subject are on the same (young?) plane - in the image and a blurring of the lens and subject space. The photograph becomes a portrait of a contemporary South Africa.


One of the DCP’s objectives is to synergize the relationship between art and urbanity at a level of municipal influence. The DCP seeks to visualize a ‘hidden Durban’ through it’s latest work; Ngale.


The first steps of the project undertook extensive workshops to determine the widest possible scope of work, and also consulted project stakeholders to refine an eclectic view of eThekwini. Over a period of 3 months, a group of 12 photographers explored youth development initiatives, community outreach programmes, cultural and religious practices, agriculture and socio-economic hubs, amongst others.



Peter McKenzie

Paulo Menezes

Liza du Plessis

Sam Mukanya

Lungelo Makhanya

Sandi Nzungane

Mandisa Buthelezi

Busani Gcabashe

Simanga Konstant Zondo

Sibusiso Shaka Ngcobo

Olga von Eck

Mluleki Dlamini


Ngale is funded by eThekwini Parks, Recreation and Culture and is realized by DCP photographers on behalf of the KZNSA. 

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