The Ceramic Association has been in existence for over 50 years and its commitment to the art of ceramics has made it a thriving organisation.

  • 08 July 2019 - 20 July 2019
  • Main Gallery

The Kwazulu Natal Region of the Ceramics Southern Africa Association holds an annual exhibition to showcase and promote their members work.

The KZN Region has 60 members who are a collective or working ceramists and those that love the media and wish to learn more about it.

The aim of the Association is to encourage new ceramists and support members with workshops and access to information.  These workshops are held throughout the year and we try and accommodate at least four during the year.  The workshops are given by a variety of ceramists from around the country and we are always looking for those that have new ideas and skills to impart to our members.  Members also receive four magazines during the year.  They are full of informative articles and information in respect of other regions and the movers and shakers in the world of clay.

The Annual Regional is important for our members to showcase work that they have been creating.  It is a great opportunity for the public to track and watch the growth of many aspiring ceramists.

The colab with MRP Home is in its second year and this has given the members an additional creative outlet to work towards.  Who does not want to see their work reproduced and sold as part of a collaborative process in one of the leading home stores in the country?

Not many ceramic artists in KZN have the opportunity to hold solo exhibitions.                  The Annual Regional Exhibition is often the only chance we get to see the incredible work that is being produced by our local ceramists.

Work submitted for the exhibition is selected and judged by a panel of three independent selectors.  This allows for recognition of great work done.  Although it can be daunting to have your work judged it is the only time many of our members receive feedback on the work they have made.  This promotes confidence in their abilities.

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