• 16 January 2020 - 16 February 2020
  • Main Gallery, Media Gallery, Mezzanine Gallery, Park Gallery

The KZNSA Young Artist Project (YAP) was conceived in 2002 as an institutional platform for experimental art practice in the city of Durban. YAP commissions new work, providing young artists with financial and curatorial support, and the space to realize a first solo project. In 2020, YAP will host 12 young artists working in their mediums of choice, and using the space to create new and/or site-specific work. 

The 2020 season of YAP will have three exhibitions of 4 artists each and YAP1, 'An Unfurling’, kicks off this years exhibition calendar. 'An Unfurling’ is curated by Greer Valley with Luyanda Zindela and Rohini Amratlal shadowing Valley as part of the YAP curator internship programme. Participating young artists are Cheriese Dilrajh, Yasmien Mackay, Vanessa Tembane and Minenhle Nxele. 

The fabric.

The fabric is folded.
The fabric is bound with thread.

Run your fingers through the thread.
Beyond the knots lie the end of the thread.

Pull on the end of the thread to untie.
Pull on the corners of the fabric.

begin to unfurl.

The act of dismantling dominant socially constructed ideas of who we are is often seen as forceful, like breaking down an imposing wall or taking apart a large machine, piece by piece.

Rather than seeing dominant notions of culture and identity as walls or machines to be broken down or taken apart, the artists see these complex social subjects as something more subtle, more delicate and more engrossing – fabric.

This complex social fabric is stitched together in some places and tied in others. Its surface is coarse and creased in some areas whilst smooth and ironed out in others. It is at times soft, warm and inviting and at times rough, cold and uncomfortable.

This fabric folds over itself, and is seemingly fastened tightly with threads, tied together into knots.

In the place of a hammer and chisel used to break walls, or a screwdriver used to dismantle machines, the artists have themselves.

Rather than break down, they untie.
Rather than dismantle, they unfurl.


The Young Artists' Project is funded by eThekwini Municipality.

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