• 17 August 2021 - 05 September 2021
  • Main Gallery, Mezzanine Gallery

We're o'Clay

The Ceramic Society of Southern Africa KZN is for people who love clay. We are an
Association for anyone who would like to join and tap into the knowledge of fellow

The association has a membership of approximately 40. Sadly this has been on the decline
for a number of reasons. The obvious one being Covid and the not so obvious is that people
are tending to gather all their information online. Online workshops abound. These are a
lifesaver during days of isolation but we cannot wait to get back to normal and experience a
hands-on workshop. Working in a social setting does wonders for your confidence and
learning with feedback is invaluable.

We normally pride ourselves on a variety of workshops. The last year and a half has been a
challenge with no workshops and a missed exhibition in 2020 but nevertheless, We are
OK. Clay has the ability to transform you into a world where you are removed from the
stress of daily life and can create with an immediate outcome. This can range from
something functional for everyday use or an imaginative work of art that you can
contemplate and enjoy.

It was important not to let another year go by without an exhibition. We wanted our
members to have their work seen despite the uncertainty surrounding regulations. 2021 is
here and happening.

The work on display ranges from small to large, refined to expressive, highly decorative to
calm and simple. Something for everyone to love and admire.

Included is a section for “Tea Pots” – Teapots are the domain of master potters as these are
normally very technical items to make. We have challenged our members with this section.

The Guest Artist this year is Christo Giles (WC)

We also decided to showcase another way of looking at the humble plate by inviting KZN
artists to “Paint a Plate”. These are decorative and a wonderful means of seeing the work of
a variety of different artists in a small contained format.

Many members are also Ceramic Teachers and a small display of their pupils work will
hopefully inspire you to join a class, take a lump of clay, relax and experience the wonders
of this medium.

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