• 06 March 2012
  • KZNSA, Exhibition Opening

In the Main Gallery was Andries Gouws - ‘Pedestrian Paintings'. Gouws' travelling exhibition combines the interiors and still-lifes known from Gouws' previous shows with a series of paintings of feet on which he has been working since 2006.


In the Mezzanine Gallery is ‘thaw' by Grace Kotze; work that explores the expressive power of human posture.


Sally-Ann Murray opened Andries's exhibition. She is an Associate Professor of English Studies at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (Durban), where she heads the department. She is the author of the novel Small Moving Parts, for which she won both the M-Net Award for fiction and the Herman Charles Bosman prize in 2010. She is also an award-winning poet. Needless to say Durban intelligentsia pitched up. There were artists and curators aplenty. Wallets supported both artists and the Gallery, thank you to all.


Bren Brophy

KZNSA Gallery Curator.


KZNSA Council Member Peter McKenzie and The Honorable Logie Naidoo


KZNSA Council Member Nicole Pletts and artist Amanda Kok



Head of Art at DGHS and artist Ann Marie Nason



Artist and Curator Amy Jo Windt with artist Robert Boulter



KZNSA Council President George Thorne with Rachel Thorne and KZNSA Council Member Richard Hart


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