The Gallery hosted a number of events this week. It’s Durban PRIDE this weekend in support we hosted a mini film festival and an experimental theatre production, and then Architectural Cinema Thursday.

  • 30 June 2012

On Tuesday evening 26th the Gallery presented a ‘Pink India Collage’ - Milind Soman Made Me Gay, a conceptual documentary film about desire and notions of 'home' and 'belonging'. Rites of Passage brought to the forefront an issue of human rights by telling the story of a devout Muslim transgender who endures family and religious persecution to become who she truly is. YOU CAN’T CURRY LOVE, is a short film in which a South Asian gay guy from London visits India, falls for a local man, meets a transgendered “hijra”, and discovers a country he only thought he knew. 

Later that evening was I Want to Know What It’s Like, a short film in a slam-poetry style with striking interview style, a variety of LGBTI people speak out against homophobia in modern America. Then, BEYOND GAY: THE POLITICS OF PRIDE,  a feature length documentary that follows the Vancouver Pride Society’s (VPS) Parade Director Ken Coolen and his VPS colleagues as they travel to places where Pride is still steeped in protest to personally experience the rampant homophobia that still exists.



Late night entertainment was, YOU SHOULD MEET MY SON, a comedy about a conservative Southern mom who discovers that her only son is gay.  Determined that he won’t go through life alone, she sets out to find him a husband, meeting an array of warm, friendly and sexy gay characters along the way.

Wednesday 27th was Pride Theatre Night, over seventy patrons pitched up to a transformed Gallery space.

‘High Heels With Balls’ was a 45 minute hard hitting play written and directed by DUT drama graduate Thabiso Radebe. It is about a young gay male prostitute trapped in the struggle of his identity and sexuality.

Not being able to understand his purpose in society, he has lost a sense of belonging and he is questioning whether he will ever escape the trauma of not being accepted.

This play was message-driven while it is also touching and heavily emotional, surrounding questions of homosexuality and human rights.


Thursday 28th was Architectural Cinema Thursday, a partnership with the KwaZulu-Natal Institute for Architecture. A packed garden viewing complete with picnics and the proverbial blanket. The feature screening was ‘Blade Runner’, a cult film that offers a wonderfully dirty vision of the future with issues involving social class, globalization, artificial intelligence, and biomechanical engineering. And of course, some futuristic architecture.




Bren Brophy
KZNSA Gallery Curator.

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