KZNSA Life Member Hannah Lurie will be honored by Soroptomist International for her contributions. .

  • 31 August 2012
  • General

hannahMs Hannah Lurie has been a member of Soroptimist International - Durban Club for 40 years. She was introduced by Dr. Pauline Klenerman & immediately opted to join the membership sub-committee, her first submission being Prof. Devi Bughwan head of Speech & Drama at Durban-Westville University. She was amongst the first persons of colour in the club, thus placing SISA at the forefront of racial integration nationwide. Hannah eventually became the President & was then further honoured to become the National President of South Africa and was noted for her struggle against the injustices of the then reigning government. With her at the helm, our clubs did a huge amount of work among the poor and needy of our country and when our dear Mr. Mandela came to power we achieved the status of being a prolific Human Rights campaigner - all that SISA still embraces today.

Many may not be aware also of the fact that it is Ms Hannah Lurie of Durban Club who has designed and produced the chains of office that the president of Durban Club wears, and yes, the SISA chain too! This renowned artist has also designed and made the Past National President's badge incorporating the Protea flower. Her talents and skills have no doubt been put to good use in the interests of SISA directly. I therefore truly believe that it is time to honour this accomplished lady!

She studied at Durban College of Art and 3 years in London with Karin Jonzen, famous terra cotta sculptor. She has hosted 16 one person exhibitions, several joint exhibitions and many group exhibitions. She has works in several public art galleries including Durban and corporate collections including FNB & Standard Bank. She has made many trophies for Independent Newspapers, schools and fashion competitions, badges & insignia.
Some of her works that can be easily accessed in Durban are:

Portrait bust of Prof. Elizabeth Sneddon at the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre.Botanic Gardens: Portrait bust of James Medley Wood, near the orchid house who had laid out the gardens; and Mark McKen whose portrait is in the offices. (Commissioned by the S.A. History Society) Advt. R.K. Khan at the R K Khan Memorial Hospital. “Spice Trader” 5m x 6m at Robertsons Spice factory, Prospecton (Stainless Steel)The Madonna and Child in the Lady of Lourdes Chapel in Westville, and the portrait bust of Douglas Livingstone at the Kwa Suka Theatre,Installed a fountain sculpture 2.3 meters square at the Blue Waters Hotel on the 31st July, 2003

Her other achievements include:

Won 2 national poetry competitions – Waterman Pen & Adams Books.Published in Fidelities, Poetry Institute of Africa, Syllabus of Speech & Drama of S. A. 2002 – 2004, & the 3 following syllabus books too.Received Mariette Loots Award for book entitled “I’m too Sexy for My Hair”a cancer patient empowerment book. 26,000 have been distributed free of chargeHon. Life Vice President of the KZN Society of ArtsAnd she has been the South African National President of Soroptimist International of Great Britain and Ireland, the largest women"s service organisation in the world!

She has 3 sons, 3 daughters-in-law, and 3 grandchildren and was married to Aubrey Lurie.

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