In the Main Gallery is ‘Unfoldings’, a solo exhibition Heather Gourlay-Conyngham and on the Mezzanine - ‘In Absentia’, a re-presentation of the photographic portrait, a solo exhibition by Lanel Van Vuuren.

  • 12 September 2012




Gourlay-Conyngham’s oil on canvas paintings focus on the female subject, challenging stereotypical perceptions associated with the eroticized male gaze.
The female body has for millennia been the domain of male artist-interpreters. Contested for over a century, women’s right to represent themselves remains central to the feminist agenda and has in recent years assumed a strong political aspect.
Van Vuuren proposes that it is the awareness of the death of an individual that creates a tangible sense of absence in the photographic portraits that have been constructed for the series ‘In Absentia’. These portraits can be read as an artistic rebellion against the traditional criteria for a photographic portrait – they create an artificial world with the sitter is absent.
KZNSA Gallery Curator Bren Brophy shared with Gallery visitors recent news and events.
“The Gallery is pleased to report that last night (Monday 10th September), our partner Gallery in Dubai (The Showcase Gallery) under the inspired directorship of Sharon Harvey opened a solo exhibition for Andrew Verster. Curated my myself and titled ‘A Brief History of Insignificant Things.” There was a bumper crowd and the exhibition has been acclaimed in the national Emirates press. This exhibition is the first of many as we expand our presence in the Middle East.
This morning we participated in the opening of the Woza Moya, Hillcrest AIDS Centre and Friends gallery and shop in Windermere Centre in Morningside. Our involvement is The ‘KZNSA Gallery Art on the Move’ project. Proceeds from the sale of art work provided by the Gallery will benefit the exemplary work done by the Hillcrest AIDS Centre in ameliorating the  suffering of KZN communities living with HIV and AIDS.


Following a series of workshops the multi media room is now being renovated for the launch of the KZNSA Durban Centre for Photography which is supported by the National Arts Council and will see the training of photographers on a fulltime basis.
The Gallery is hosting a Visual Arts Network of Southern Africa or VANSA workshop - COPYWRITE IN THE VISUAL ARTS. This workshop will be of interest to all visual artists who have ever been ripped off, so we are expecting a large group! The work shop is on Friday 21st  at 10am.
Finally I have just returned from the FNB Johannesburg art fair and that is why I am wearing a badge that says
“Art is anything that you can get away” with present company excluded of course. Seriously though, the jozi art is buoyant and I have partnered with a number of Galleries to bring shows to the KZNSA and share our exhibitions in CT and Johannesburg.”
Bren Brophy
Curator KZNSA Gallery
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Andrew Verster: 'A brief history of insignificant things' press release

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