Meet the DUT 3rd year Graphic Design students behind our new anniversary logo

  • 23 May 2016
  • General, KZNSA, Exhibition Opening

This month at the KZNSA we're celebrating 20 years of the organization in its beautiful Glenwood gallery. As part of the festivities we engaged with the Durban University of Technology Faculty of Arts & Design to have 3rd year Graphic Design students design an anniversary logo and campaign for the KZNSA.

The project was structured into the academic programme for the year with students briefed to research the organization, assess and engage with its core functions (the gallery, the Arts Café and the shop) as well as the KZNSA's vision for an educational LAB and aim to identify this as a new department of the organization. 

A selection of the best work was presented to the KZNSA and designs by Karl Ludick and Rebecca Buxton were chosen. Karl and Rebecca were then commissioned to resolve their designs into finished products for the anniversary campaign, with Rebecca's strong logo design incorporated into Karl's strong icon and colour work. The final graphic was launched immediately to kick off the month-long anniversary festivities.



Hi, my name is Karl Ludick. I’m currently a third year Graphic Design Student at DUT City Campus. I’ve been rewarded internships through our campus to work with The Loeries in 2015, as well as Blue Pig ad agencies in 2016. Design pretty much conquers my life at the moment, however, when I’m not learning more about design you can catch me enjoying the fine company of fine friends as well as playing Dota 2.



My name is Rebecca Buxton. I am currently a third year graphic design student at Durban University of Technology. I have worked doing official sub brand advertising for the Rugby World Cup in 2015 as well as managed a company’s online design for their website and social media platforms. I am very passionate about design and have not specialised to any specific field within graphic design yet as they all appeal to me. When I am not designing I can be found at the beach front or adventuring with friends and making the most of my free time.




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