03 May 2017, 13.30-16.30, Angela Buckland and Cedric Nunn will be hosting a workshop in preparation for the Ernest Cole Awards. Entrance is free and but numbers are restricted. Please contact the following people to book your space through KZNSA.

  • 02 May 2017
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There will be a series of workshops for applicants for the 2017 Ernest Cole Award. Participants will be able to engage with experienced visual story tellers to help them assemble their own proposals for the 2017 application process which is due in mid-June 2017. Workshops will be held in the following venues :

- Tuesday 2nd May, Market Photo Workshop, Johannesburg, 9am-12pm

- Wednesday, 3rd May, Cape Town School of Photography (CTSP), Cape Town, 9am-12pm

Join the KZNSA Gallery on Wednesday 3rd May for the Durban workshop, 13.30-16.30pm
Cedric Nunn and Angela Buckland will be conducting the workshop.

PLEASE NOTE: Entrance is free and but numbers are restricted. Please contact the following people to book your space. KZNSA – Angela Shaw, ashaw@kznsagallery.co.za

For other cities: 

Market Photo Workshop – Khona Dlamini, khonad@marketphotoworkshop.co.za and Busiswe Sithole, BusiS@marketphotoworkshop.co.za

CTSP - Frank Krummacher, frank@ormsctsp.co.za and Dominique Edwards, dom@ormsctsp.co.za

General enquiries – Paul Weinberg, co-ordinator of the Ernest Cole Award, Paul.Weinberg@uct.ac.za

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