Proposals are due back to KZNSA by no later than 12H00 on Friday 24 August 2018. Download the PDF outline online here.

  • 23 August 2018
  • General, KZNSA

Proposals are due back to KZNSA by no later than 12H00 on Friday 24 August 2018, and can be emailed to Angela Shaw on or hand delivered before 12H00. A decision on the award of the proposal will be made by 12H00 on 07 September 2018.

A final project timeline will be decided upon at the kick-off session for the website project, scheduled to take place at 14H00 on 13 September 2018.

Project Goals

The project team seek to rebuild the site from scratch to update the technology stack. Due to the value of existing content it is essential that all existing exhibition and artist archives are carried over to the new site.

The goals of this project are the following:

1. Revamp look and feel so that the website has a fresh face

2. Improve UX so that the user experience is smoother and easier

3. Improve on SEO

4. Re-use all the current exhibition history

5. Communicate the KZNSA as a more experiential environment with many aspects and opportunities

6. Encourage people to sign up as a member of the Society

7. Highlight the benefits of becoming a sponsor/ donor

8. Highlight the benefits of becoming an artist that showcases at KZNSA

9. Highlight partnership and collaboration opportunities

10. An additional bonus would be the ability to import all historical data, without changing links, so that historical data as it relates to SEO is preserved. Suggestions would be welcome.



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