Learn more about what went into deciding who the years winners of the Members' Exhibition would be by our formidable panel of judges.

  • 06 April 2019
  • Competitions

We as the jury members for the 2019 KZNSA member’s exhibition themed around the issue of Umhlaba/Land would like to acknowledge all who contributed to this year’s exhibition. It has been an interesting process to learn what this very topical and urgent topic means to the artistic community represented here. Some have come from the position of the dispossessed to express their opinions on this question.

Others make visible just how haunted our landscape is and therefore how to face the ghosts that continue to interrupt our preset. Many come to the topic to express an uncertainty these discussions transmit to their sense of place and belonging. Others poetically and beautifully show us the fantastic potentialities of our environment, if we take good care of it. Others courageously place their bodies on the spot in order to claim space and in so doing bring into the gallery space a language of making memory and of mourning that which has been lost but can be recovered. Of course there are others who couldn’t care less about addressing such a question.


FIRST PRIZE - Selloane Moeti Bhodla pt. 2, 2018 . Engaging installation


Such a wide exhibition has a potential to reach wider, of course. There are many voices not represented here. We need not see this as negative per se. It rather speaks to the wider and growing landscape of art in this city. Who is included and who is excluded is always a question of power. Many young artists in this city have set up their own platforms of self-validation, which in turn compliments, if not unsettle these power dynamics. This needs to be mentioned as well as commended.


SECOND PRIZE - Corne Eksteen, This Land is Not Your Property, 2019. Mixed Media


We have chosen the winners based on their artistic imagination and vision, their resolve on addressing the topic from their own personal experiences, their propositions – for questions and answers alike – many of which we wish can be developed further, complicated further and stretched until they lose their shape.

THIRD PRIZE - Derrick Nxumalo, Taking Care of The Land, 2019. Acrylic on Paper


KZNSA PRIZE - Robin Moodley, Land and Identity, 2019. Mixed Media

This years judges are Gabi Ngcobo, Themba Shibase and Motsamai David Tshabalala





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