The Intramural Encounters Tour includes stops in every major city in SA covering a distance of over 5000km’s with a run of 15 concerts lined up around the country. The tour kicks off in Guy's hometown of Durban at the KZNSA Gallery on the 5th April.

  • 27 April 2019
  • Live Music

Kicking off 2019 with concerts throughout the USA and Brazil, multi-award winning artist Guy Buttery returns home for his first nationwide solo tour of South Africa in over 4 years. The Intramural Encounters Tour includes stops in every major city in SA covering a distance of over 5000km’s with a run of 15 concerts lined up around the country. The tour kicks off in Guy's hometown of Durban at the KZNSA Gallery on the 5th April. 
Guy Buttery has propelled his career far beyond the borders of his beloved South Africa. As an internationally recognized musician, this multi-instrumentalist enjoys invitations to play sell-out performances all over the globe. The USA, UK, Australia, France, Brazil, and Italy have all welcomed him back year after year. However, to brand Guy Buttery as one of South Africa’s musical phenoms would be an injustice. He has grown into so much more. His international role has surpassed merely playing shows to foreign audiences. It has evolved into one as an ambassador of South African music, inspiring people across the world with our homegrown style at the very heart of his talent and tenacity. Guy Buttery is our musical advocate for everything positive and beautiful about the place we call home. 


It’s no wonder he is so enthusiastic when asked about his upcoming tour of South Africa. After numerous recent collaborations with the The Odeion String Quartet, The Eastern Cape Philharmonic Orchestra, The Guy Buttery Trio and extensive touring of his World Music duo with Indian sitar player, Kanada Narahari, Guy returns with a string of shows for what he is known best for. The solo concert. “There is something so intimate and humanistic about a solo show”, says Buttery. “One singular exchange of energy between performer and audience always sheds a new light on the music. Each performance offers up an inward gaze of self, hopefully for both the listener as well as myself acting as some form of catalyst in this process. The Intramural Encounters Tour hopes to bring this kind of introspection to every single concert showcasing a bunch of newer and older compositions.” 
Last year Guy received the highest accolade for a musician in South Africa and was awarded the Standard Bank Young Artist Award. In almost 4 decades of honouring artists throughout the country, this was the first time since its inception that the award was presented to a musician outside of the classical music realm. Guy Buttery’s debut album in 2002, "When I Grow Up..." was nominated for ‘Best Instrumental’ and ‘Best Newcomer’ at the South African Music Awards (SAMA’s) making him the youngest nominee in the history of the event. He then went on to win a SAMA in 2010, for his album “Fox Hill Lane” and again in 2014, for his first live concert recording, “Live in KwaZulu”. He has also received other major National accolades including the The Ovation Award in 2010, 2012 and again 2014 for his performances at the National Arts Festival. Guy has then invited to perform his works with the 52-piece KZN Philharmonic Orchestra, as well as with the Eastern Cape Philharmonic and had his solo performances voted the “Top Live Show” by The Cape Times. The media cited him “as one of South Africa’s finest exponents of the acoustic guitar.” 

Expect high dynamics, ethereal fingerpicking, delicate African inflections and mind-bending guitar playing of an entirely new order from Guy Buttery.



“…one of South Africa’s most influential artists over the past decade." – The Saturday Independent
“A contrast of genres dance together in intricate and entirely unpredictable patterns of tempo and rhythm. An audible tapestry of a united South Africa” – The Sunday Times
"Buttery is a god on the fretboard. A guitar master who proves once again that he doesn’t push boundaries; he simply vaults over them and goes for a stroll in the musical unknown." – Cue Magazine





Friday, 5 April
KZNSA Gallery
166 Bulwer Road, Glenwood, Durban
Café opens at 5pm / Concert to start at 7pm
Contact: Angela Shaw -  / 083 384 3660


Saturday, 13 April
Art on Target
2 Target Kloof, Essexvale, Port Elizabeth
7pm for 7:30pm
Contact: BA – / 083 728 5295 / 041 373 3334


Sunday, 14 April
Studio 42
Uil Street, Sedgefield
Contact: Melanie – / 084 567 9809


Tuesday, 16 April
House Concert
4 Notsung Avenue, Heather Park, George
7pm for 7:30pm 
Contact: Gillian – / 076 855 5180 / 082 821 6674


Wednesday, 17 April 
At the Courtyard
Shop C, 44 Voortrekker Street, McGregor
6:30pm for 7pm
R200 (includes dinner)
Contact: Steve – / 071 432 7778 


Thursday, 18 April
Kerksaal @ Hoofstraat Conceptual
52 Hoofstraat, Riebeek Kasteel
Contact: Rudolph – / 083 252 6762


Friday, 19 April
Camel Rock Restaurant
Main Road, Scarborough
6pm for dinner / Concert to start at 8pm
Contact: Alison – / 073 491 2776 / 021 780 1122 


Saturday, 20 April
Olympia Bakery
Corner of Clairvaux & Main Rd, Kalk Bay
R150 for early bird tickets / R180 general
Contact: Paul – 082 892 0350 /


Sunday, 21 April
Labia Theatre
68 Orange Street, Gardens, Cape Town
Contact: Paul – 082 892 0350 /


Tuesday, 23 April
Fountain Foyer at the Monument Building
Fort Selwyn Drive, Grahamstown
6pm for 7pm
R100 general / R70 concession
Contact: Kate – 


Wednesday, 24 April
John Rupert Theatre
3 Parsonage Street, Graaff Reinet
6:30pm for 7pm
Contact: Jack – 049 892 4248 /


Thursday, 25 March 
The Studio - House Concert 
2b Tyson Rd, Westcliff, Johannesburg
6.30pm for 7pm
Contact: Duncan –  


Friday, 26 April
Black Orchid Boutique
93 Dr. James Moroka Avenue, Potchesfstroom
7:30 for 8pm
Contact: Tiaan – 060 749 8551 / 


Saturday, 27 April
Bantam Holistic Hub
22 Bantam Drive, Blairgowrie, Johannesburg
6:30pm for 7pm
Contact: Dave – 082 905 6868 /
Sunday, 28 April
Zwartkop Country Club
Corner of Old Johannesburg & Ruimte Road, Clubview, Pretoria
12:30pm for 1:30pm
Contact: Adam – 082 490 9401 / /

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