• 15 April 2020

Acquire or Sharpen your insight into how the monetary value of art is generated.

The price of art, or how art is priced, is almost a taboo subject, despite the fact that the art world turns on the sale of artworks. Prices are also symbolic of art a gallery or artist's position in the ecosystem and therefore communicate other kinds of information. What are fair prices for art? How can this be judged? The accurate pricing of art can make or break an exhibition, an artist's practice, a gallery's reputation and a collector's perceptions or wallet!

In the recent publication, The South African Art Market: Pricing & Patterns, Mary Corrigall undertook an in-depth study of prices in this country and aimed to make the conditions, traditions informing the value of art more transparent. 

In this morning masterclass she will show how the patterns in pricing in the South African art market reveal how the prices of art are generated. Corrigall will offer practical tools for arriving at accurate prices. Both tangible and intangible influences on the price of art will be touched on.  The art market's inbuilt fine-tuning methods designed to respond to demand and reward collectors will be addressed as well as the differences in prices on the exhibition, art fair and auction markets. Contemporary art is the focus.  

Artists, collectors, gallerists, dealers, or members of the public keen to know more about the art world are all invited to join what will be a stimulating and entertaining masterclass. It will be conducted via a Webinar on  Zoom.

When: Friday April 17 - 10.30am until 12.30

Where: Zoom Webinar 

Cost: R670/€34/£30 /$36


SPACE IS LIMITED TO 15, to allow time to address questions. 


Students & KZNSA members receive a 20% discount. Contact KZNSA or info@corrigall.org for discount code.




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