• 09 September 2020

KZNSA GALLERY in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, seeks proposals for exhibitions for their 2021 exhibition calendar. The closing date to submit is 23 October 2020, the gallery will respond to all proposals by 30 November 2020.

There are four exhibition spaces available and proposals can look at using these individually, or all together. Floor plans and elevations can be downloaded here.

Exhibition proposals can use the space/s for a minimum of 1 week and maximum of 6 weeks. Venue rates are applied weekly and there’s a once-off fee that covers marketing and photography of the exhibition – see rate sheet online here for detail.

Unless the exhibition proposal is already drafted for funder/s or other purposes, it’s preferable to use the KZNSA proposal template provided online here


The Main Gallery is a double-volume space, half of which is covered by the mezzanine. Clerestorey windows, a full height doorway and another opening provide ample natural light. The 4 walls offer great versatility - an unbroken 16m run, and a large 80m2 wall. All walls are white. 

Floor is concrete screed. 
Floor space: 10 m x 18 m: 180m2
Walls: See Floor & Wall plan
Lighting: Directional lighting to all walls


The Mezzanine Gallery overlooks the Main Gallery. Ideal for small shows, or to show additional works on a large exhibition. 

The Mezzanine is carpeted, and has access through to the Park Gallery.
Floor space: 18 m x 4.25 m: 76.5m2
Walls: 3.3 m high
Lighting: Directional lighting to all walls


The Park Gallery is upstairs, off the Mezzanine Gallery and adjacent to the Glass Box that is at the top of the café stairs. Ideal for small shows, or to show additional works on a large exhibition. 

The Park Gallery is carpeted, and has access through to the Mezzanine Gallery.
Floor space: 10 m x 6 m: 60m2
Walls: 3.3 m high
Lighting: Directional lighting to all walls


The media gallery is a formal screening room with a built-in projector and surround sound system. It can seat approx. 20 people with cinema style seating for screenings. It is also available for digital, mixed media and/or site-specific installations. It is on the ground floor and leads off the Main Gallery.

Floor is concrete screed. 
Floor space: 10 m x 4.5 m: 45m2
Walls: Black, 2.5 m high
Lighting: Directional lighting to all walls


Procedure for applying for an exhibition at the KZNSA Gallery

The KZNSA has a selection committee, elected by KZNSA Council, that meets to review works submitted for possible exhibition at the gallery.

The selection committee reviews applications that are submitted within the open call dates: 1 May – 30 July 2019.

Group or Solo Exhibitions are welcome. Curators are encouraged to apply, as are galleries or other art institutions.

An exhibition proposal form is attached, please complete. 

Please also supply the following:

Exhibition title
Exhibition framework (description & motivation, explaining theme / intention, max. 400 words)
Artist/s biography
5 -10 good quality images (1-5 MB) with captions (title, date, medium, dimensions and artist’s price)

If your work is selected, the selection committee will try to accommodate your preferred date and space. Due to the high number of applications, we may not be able to accommodate every applicant’s preferences, in which case we will allocate (a) gallery space(s) and exhibition date(s). You are welcome to accept these or not.

Works submitted after the deadline will not be reviewed. The selection committee’s decision is based on a majority vote, and is final. Feedback regarding acceptance or rejection of your proposal is given at the Director’s discretion.

Should your proposal for an exhibition be successful, a contract between you and the KZNSA will be drawn up concerning this exhibition and you will be sent it to sign.

Please submit your application in PDF format, not exceeding 2MB and include only the information requested. Photos of work to be attached as separate jpg. files.

Please insert as subject of your e-mail and title of your application document: 

Submission 2019 _Your Name and Surname

Successful applications will be announced no later than 30 September 2019.
If you have any queries, please contact the gallery on 031 277 1705 or gallery@kznsagallery.co.za


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